US gold coins: A brief review

US gold coins: A brief review

Gold coins are very popular, especially here in the United States. In fact, American gold coinage was used as currency in the early years of the country’s inception as common currency due to their value and popularity. They have since gained a place among collectors, investors and hobbyists alike as intriguing, yet valuable, pieces of history with long futures ahead of them.

Here’s a brief overview of two of the most popular gold coins to come from a United States mint.

American Eagles

When it comes to gold eagles, most know of the 1933 Double Eagle coin. However, there are other mint years available.

This coin houses much of its prestige in the design: a bold lady liberty on the obverse, with a stunning image of an American eagle on the reverse. This coin’s majesty doesn’t just stop at the 22-karat gold variation. In fact, the American eagle coins are available in platinum (1997) and palladium (2017).

However, many investors still find the original gold set, minted between 1907 and 1933 to be the most appealing of the American eagle coin series.

American Buffaloes

Eagle coins aren’t the only gold bullion coins that garner the attention of collectors and investors. The American buffalo is another item that tops lists across numismatists in the States.

Originally minted as the Indian head nickel from 1913, the iconic design was immortalized further in June 2006 as a 24-karat gold bullion coin variation. The coin was limited by the United States mint to a mintage limit of 300,000 bullion coins when they were first minted in gold.

The obverse of the coin features the side profile of a Native American, while the reverse displays the American bison.

Does the US still Mint gold coins?

The short answer is: yes. However, you’re less likely to see any of those minted coins in circulation for use as common currency. In fact, you’re more likely to see gold bullion coins for sale as collector’s items instead of being traded for goods in a store.

These coins are typically minted at high purity standards (91.67% pure gold or 22-karat and 99.99% pure gold or 24-karat) making them softer than average currency coins. However, they are still some of the best physical gold pieces to add to either a collection of commemorative coins or as a key component to the portfolios of physical gold investors.

Whether you’re searching for the next batch of gold American eagles or simply trying to increase the centennial gold coins in your collection, setting your sights on these two coin sets is an excellent place to start. Most reputable dealers should be able to help you find the perfect bullion coinage to give you a boost, while ensuring your new investment is up to spec.